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Life Insurance FAQ



How long before payment of claim proceeds can be expected?

Once all completed proofs and forms are received from the beneficiary, claims payments are generally processed within 10 business days.

Why can’t I get the exact death benefit payment amount over the telephone when reporting the claim?

Payment benefits are calculated when the claim is examined for payment. The final payment amount could vary based on policy provisions, loans, premium refunds, premiums due, interest rates, date of death, date of benefit payment, and other factors.

Who can file a claim?

Following is a list of the types of beneficiaries who may file a claim:
1. Beneficiary – The Claimant’s Statement must be completed by the beneficiary; if there is more than one beneficiary, each must complete a separate statement.
2. Estate Beneficiary – The statement must be completed by the executor or administrator, and a certified copy of appointment must be furnished.
3. Minor Beneficiary – The statement is to be completed by the legally appointed guardian of the minor’s estate and an official certificate of the guardian’s appointment must be furnished.
4. Predeceased Beneficiary – When a beneficiary has predeceased the insured, a certified copy of the death certificate is to be furnished.
5. Class Beneficiaries – An affidavit showing the names and dates of birth of each must be submitted.
6. Assignee – The statement is to be completed by the assignee. If the assignment is no longer effective, a release of assignment from the assignee should be submitted. If collaterally assigned, both the beneficiaries and assignee should complete the statement. In addition, the amount claimed by the assignee needs to be indicated on the statement.

Can I fax my claims forms?

Most forms can be faxed to us; however, a certified death certificate is required for submission; the certified certificate must be delivered to our physical or postal address.