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Auto Insurance FAQ

Auto Insurance Claims Made Easy With Concierge Claims Service


What is the concierge-level of claims service?

In a growing number of cities, customers can experience a simpler way of getting their vehicles fixed following an accident, because insurers take responsibility for the entire vehicle repair process. With this concierge level of claims service, customers only need to bring their vehicles to their insurer’s Service Center — claims professionals handle the rest.

Why are you offering the Service Centers?

Navigating through the claims and repair process can be challenging; insurers are using their experience and know-how to make it easier to get a vehicle repaired after an accident. This convenient concierge-level claims service saves time for customers, creates a steady flow of work for collision repair shops, and increases customer satisfaction.

Do I have a choice in where I get my vehicle repaired?

Yes, insurance customers always have a choice where their vehicles are repaired. Concierge Service Centers are just an option. However, if you choose this option, your insurance company will determine the best shop to handle the repair. They will keep you informed about the status of your repairs and go over the work with you when it is finished. When you are satisfied, you take your vehicle and have a guarantee for the work for as long as you own the car. If you would like to choose where to have your vehicle repaired, you may do so through our claims process available at the standard claims office in your area.

What if the vehicle is not drive-able to one of these locations, but I would like to use concierge service?

You can still use this service. The vehicle will be towed to the facility. Towing fees are often considered part of the covered claims costs.

You say you provide a replacement vehicle—do you provide it to everyone?

Those who purchase rental coverage on their auto policy will receive a rental car. Customers without rental coverage can also get a rental car at the Service Center, but there will be a rental charge. For others who have a claim on your insurance, a rental car will be provided if you are the at-fault party and your insurance is paying for the repair of their vehicle.

Do motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, etc., qualify for concierge claims service?

Our long-term plan is to provide this concierge-level of service to all of customers, but this service is only offered to our auto insurance customers at this time.

How can my insurance and the shop guarantee the work? Does my insurance absorb any costs if the work needs additional repair later?

Your insurance company stands by the work of the repair shops when you use a concierge claims service. The guarantee means that if the vehicle needs additional work, your insurance company will handle the entire repair process (as it did with the original claim). You can drop off your vehicle at the claims center. A claims professional will inspect the vehicle, and if the repairs needed are covered by the guarantee (e.g., part of the original claims repair), then your insurance company will work with the shop to repair the vehicle at no charge to you.

Doesn’t my insurance carrier have a network of shops you work with? Are these shops available to customers who don’t choose the enhanced Service Center option or don’t yet have it available in their area?

Yes. Insurance carriers have a network of approved repair shops that anyone with a claim can use for the repair of their vehicle. Work completed by these shops is guaranteed.

If I want only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, can I request them?

Yes, but if non-OEM parts are available and deemed appropriate by the claims representative, you would have to pay the cost difference. Insurers have an obligation to keep the cost of auto insurance down for all customers, whether or not they’ve been involved in an accident.