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Medigap Plans

Medigap Coverage for Medicare Plans

MediGap plans were designed to fill in the gaps of Medicare Part A and Part B. A Medigap policy is offered by a private insurance company, such as Mutual of Omaha, Humana, HealthNet, and many others. The plans are standardized–this means the coverage is the same among all the insurance carriers. You should compare the premiums and ratings of the companies before making a decision. Some insurance companies offer very low rates, but those rates will increase rates as you age. Some insurance companies will also drop a plan in the your state if claims become too high. Choose a financially strong company to avoid this hassle.

Most MediGap plans do not offer prescription (Rx) coverage. You will need to find a Part D plan in addition to a Medigap plan. There are literally dozens of plans available.  Contact a Century Benefits agent to explain all of your options.

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What to consider when selecting Medigap plans:

MediGap Pros MediGap Cons
  • Covers 100% of medically necessary cost.
  • Does not cover some routine or preventive services.
  • No network: You may go to any provider that accepts Medicare.
  • Premiums vary with gender and health.
  • No referrals required for specialists.
  • Premiums increase with age.
  • All carriers offer standardized benefits, but premiums vary.
  • Insurers may deny you based on health if you choose to switch.
  • Saves money for people who need high-cost or frequent care.
  • You will need to purchase additional Rx coverage.
  • Ideal for people who spend time in multiple locations throughout the year.
  • May be difficult to find providers accepting Medicare in some areas.