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Oregon Medicare Insurance

Medicare is a confusing topic. That’s why we are here to help free of charge. Medicare health insurance is offered uniformly throughout the country. The difficult part of Medicare is finding the right supplement to fill the gaps of original Medicare. Century Benefits represents most of the supplement plans in Oregon. Take a moment to review the basics of Medicare. Then fill out the request for information or simply call 503-928-3321 to reach a local and licensed agent directly.

There is no fee to use our services and we will update you every year regarding changes. Also, Medicare regulates our compensation on the plans we offer, so there is no incentive for us to advocate one plan over another.

There will be some basic information that you will need before we can help you select the right plan:

  • Find your Medicare Part A and Part B effective date. You can enroll directly through Social Security’s Medicare site.
  • Have a list of your doctors available.
  • Make a list of your medications (and the dosage).
  • Determine how often you travel outside the state. (Do you reside in another state during some months?)
  • Do you have a preference of medical facilities in Oregon? (i.e. Providence vs. Legacy)
  • Can you assume more risk through higher copays for services?

Medicare Supplement options

Below you will find the two options to supplement your Medicare health insurance. Each type of plan has unique features. Click on one of the options below to find specific details on how the plans may work for you. Some members choose not to take a Part D (Rx) coverage, but we highly recommend you enroll in some sort of supplement. Doctor visits and other small charges for services will not break the bank, but the bills of hospital stay could be $100,000. You would be responsible for 20% or about $20,000.

Supplement plans range from $0 to over $220 a month in Oregon. Century Benefits represents over 50 Medicare supplement and over 60 different Part D (Rx) plans. Feel free to call us at 503-928-3321 or email any questions.

Medicare Medigap Insurance

MediGap plans were designed to fill in the gaps of Medicare Part A and Part B. A Medigap policy is offered by a private insurance company, such as Mutual of Omaha, Humana, HealthNet, and many others. The plans are standardized–this means the coverage is the same among all the insurance carriers. You should compare the premiums and ratings of the companies before making a decision. Some insurance companies offer very low rates, but those rates will increase rates quickly as you age. Some insurance companies will also drop a plan in the your state if claims become too high. Choose a financially strong company to avoid this hassle.

Most MediGap plans do not offer prescription (Rx) coverage. You will need to find a Part D plan in addition to a Medigap plan. There are literally dozens of plans available.  Contact a Century Benefits agent to explain all of your available options.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage is a combination of your Medicare Part A and Part B options; it must cover all medically needed services. The plans work somewhat like traditional health insurance plans. You typically have a list of providers you can use for services. Many Medicare Advantage plans offer extra benefits that traditional Medicare does not offer, such as dental, preventive care, and even gym memberships.  An expert Century Benefits agent will help explain the pros and cons of Medicare Advantage to you.