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Whole Life Insurance

Permanent insurance, also known as whole life insurance, is an insurance policy that lasts your whole life.  Unlike term insurance, permanent insurance will never expire. It will also pay a death benefit regardless of how long the policy has been in force.  In addition, permanent insurance builds cash value, which can be borrowed against or used as collateral for other loans.   You can choose a plan that is indexed against stock market gains to pay returns based on the value of your policy. This type of plan will help limit your exposure to stock market volatility.

Permanent insurance can help build a long-term plan of asset accumulation.  Many different options exist for Oregon permanent insurance, and Century Benefits agents will be happy to shed some light on the right policy for you. After you answer a few simple questions, we can identify which type of insurance would provide you with the benefits you need for the rest of your life.  Get rate quotes from one of our certified life insurance experts to get started.