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Annuities and life insurance

Frankly, unless you’ve truly studied annuities before, they can seem daunting. An annuity is an insurance product that you pay into long-term; after a certain time period (or age), annuities begin paying out a monthly income. Many people choose an annuity as a means of saving for retirement, or for college funding. You have many different choices for annuities. Many do have a bad reputation for being based on stock market performance or having high fees that reduce an annuity-holder’s accumulated savings.

Century Benefits’ annuity options are not tied to stock market volatility. You can choose an annuity that pays a fixed interest rate on every dollar you contribute. You can also choose to roll over your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), 401(K) or other savings vehicles into an annuity to maximize your gains or defer taxes. Our specially-educated annuity agents will show you how to take advantage of the excellent growth potential of an  annuity. Contact us to learn more.