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Term Insurance

The need for life insurance boils down to protecting your family.  If you were to pass away, how would your loved ones manage? Would the loss of your income financially devastate them?  These concerns are wiped with away with Life Insurance.  You can secure your family’s future for less than you might think with term insurance.  With term insurance, you can choose a death benefit as low as $100,000, which is guaranteed to pay for a selected number of years.  After the term is over, you can convert your term insurance to permanent insurance if you desire.  You can even choose a plan that will return all of your premiums at age 70.  Term insurance is great for those families still paying on their mortgage as you can choose an amount which would pay off the remainder of your loan, so your family can stay in their home.  There are several term insurance options in Oregon, so ask one of our Life Insurance agents for a quote and start protecting your family today.

Permanent Insurance

Permanent Insurance is an insurance policy that lasts your whole life.  Unlike term insurance, Permanent Insurance, or Whole Life, will never expire and will pay a death benefit regardless of how long you have the policy in force.  In addition, Permanent Insurance builds cash value, which can be borrowed against or used as collateral for other loans.   You can choose a plan that is indexed against stock market gains to pay greater returns on the value of your policy, without the risk of stock market volatility.  Permanent Insurance helps build a long-term plan of asset accumulation.  Many different options exist for Oregon Permanent Insurance, and we will be happy to shed some light on the right policy for you.  Just by answering a few questions, we can identify which type of insurance would provide you with the benefits you need for the rest of your life.  Get rate quotes from one of our Certified Life Insurance experts to get started.

No Paramedical Life Insurance

Many life insurance companies require a physical exam as part of their application process.  With No Paramedical Life Insurance, you won’t have to have a medical exam or have blood drawn.  No Paramedical Insurance is a great option for those with medical concerns which may exclude them from eligibility with other carriers, or those with an aversion to needles.  You get all the same benefits with No Paramedical Insurance as you would with Term Insurance or Whole Life Insurance, but without the hassle of a physical examination.  The policy is fully underwritten based on the questions on the application and a quick telephone interview, rather than a necessary in-person visit with an exam nurse.  Let us show you how quick and easy it is to secure a No Paramedical Insurance policy for you.


Frankly, unless you’ve truly studied annuities before, they can seem daunting.  An Annuity is an insurance product that you pay into long-term, and upon a certain age or number of years, annuities begin paying out a monthly income.  Many people choose an annuity as a means of saving for retirement, or for college funding.  There are a lot of different kinds to choose from and some have a bad reputation for being based on stock market performance or having high fees that eat up your accumulated savings.  Our annuity options are not variable with stock market volatility, so you will not lose money on one our of annuity products.  You can choose an annuity that pays a fixed interest rate on every dollar you contribute, so you know you’re making a safe, reliable return on your investment year after year.  You can also choose to roll over your IRA/401K retirement accounts or other savings vehicles into an annuity to maximize your gains or defer taxation. Century Benefits’ specially-educated Annuity agents will show you how to take advantage of the excellent growth potential of a great Annuity.  Contact us to learn more.