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Employer Group Health Insurance

In order to encourage employee retention and recruitment, employers likely need a comprehensive Employer Group Health Insurance plan. Employers seeking group coverage can greatly benefit from a knowledgeable agent who can guide them through the process of weighing cost versus benefits. There are many plans to choose from, including high-deductible plans and HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations like Kaiser), health savings accounts, and dental and vision coverage. You can provide your employees with the benefits they need at the price your business can afford. Even if your company only employs two people, you can choose an Oregon Group Health Insurance plan that will provide the insurance they need. At least 75% of eligible employees need to enroll in order to qualify, but with the right comprehensive plan, meeting enrollment requirements will be a snap. Let Century Benefits’ agents direct your company towards the best program for your employees and your company’s budget.

Supplemental Insurance

If your company would like to build the best possible benefit package to increase retention, adding supplemental insurance programs can help. Employers know how important it is to offer employee health coverage, but adding additional optional benefits – disability insurance, life insurance, dental and vision coverage, long-term care insurance and health savings accounts – goes much further to help recruit the best candidates and keep your valued employees. Inquire about the programs you can offer to maximize your company’s benefits package without spending too much money. Century Benefits agents will be happy to explain all the different available options.