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Dental Insurance

When you have a toothache, the cost of seeing the dentist is likely less important than relieving the pain as soon as possible.  However, a dental insurance plan can save you thousands of dollars if you need dental treatment.  Regular preventive care (like cleanings and sealants) can prevent the need for restorative care later on.  Many plans, for individual or group coverage, offer free cleanings and preventive care included in your premium. This can help you avoid costly fillings, root canals and crowns in the future.

Several reasonably-priced dental plans exist in Oregon, especially when compared to paying for dental care without insurance.  Below you will find links to some dental plans available in Oregon:

Dental Discount Plan– These are great options if your doctor is in their network. The plan typically costs $150 or less a year per family. You will only pay the contracted amount for your services. This will greatly reduce the cost of your services.

PacificSource Dental – PacificSource offers a full dental plan. It is much like a traditional dental plan. There are networks of dentists, however, there is also coverage (after the deductible) for out-of-network dentists.