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You will not ever find a better agent then Andrew Eachon. I have been self-employed for over 20 years and had to figure out my own health insurance as it gets more expensive for less benefits year after year.
Andrew has been AMAZING, he has actually saved me money and my benefits are the same. He ALWAYS gets back to me within 24 hours.
He should give a seminar to other agents because he has got it down.
Having Andrew as the agent has taken some of the torture out of dealing with health insurance.

Lyndsay L.

I was a long-time customer of American Family Insurance and decided to check around to make sure I was getting the best deal I could. Right from the start I was surprised at how helpful and courteous Joel Beaudoin was. He went the extra mile in making sure my rates were the best they could possibly be. I was so impressed with how he handled my car insurance that I bought home-owners insurance from them as well. I was happy I made the switch when my apartment got broken into 3 months later. They not only helped me replace all the items on my list, but were professional, courteous, and caring about the whole situation. I recently moved out of my apartment into my own house and you can believe Century Benefits is taking care of me at my new home.

Benjamin B.

My husband and I just met with Andrew to discuss health insurance, and he was wonderful! Andrew took an hour with us going over several different plans in detail to help us find the best fit. He was extremely knowledgeable and conscious of our budget. I highly recommend him!

Daniel B.